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This tutorial will show you on how to install WordPress on your Ubuntu or Debian VPS.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Ubuntu version 12.04 , 14.04, 16.04 or Debian 7 & 8.

The Easy Part!

#install easyengine
wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

#install wordpress on
sudo ee site create --wp


  • Install NGINX, MySQL, Postfix, PHP 7 and dependencies with a single command
  • Enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) during or after site creation with a simple flag --letsencrypt
  • Use W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Nginx’s FastCGI Cache.
  • Automatically tweaks server configuration as per available hardware resources
  • Update EasyEngine for new feature with one simple command: ee update
  • All config changes are saved using Git so feel free to play with config!

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